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Who we are...

Resources Lion is a company specialized in consulting services and software development. We are proud to say that we built a team, which is able to handle successfully an area the software industry-which is more and more dynamic, exigent, and being in a continuous growth, according to the clients’ more and more complex requirements.

All these things determined us to be in a permanent competition with ourselves, to impose ourselves new limits of performance. Our purpose is that of being the best and close partner,for our clients business growth, based on technology information.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy in being successful is the passion for technology and to be understanding in our client needs. The gradual way of approaching the process of creating software solutions allows us focusing on these solutions and to offer the right technology for the applications, through which to satisfy our clients needs in various fields.


Software development is a deeply technical operation. The ‘in-house’ software development requires time, specialized people and expensive software and equipment.

‘Offshore’ software development is an efficient financial alternative. For ‘in house’ development Resources Lion supplied software services in offshore regime for companies all over the world using Romanian development center as a source.


Resources Lion will help you to keep up with the competition by continuous improving of business solutions, based on informational technology. If it’s about personalized applications or data migration, Resources Lion is the best in all software development and consulting activities.